Recovery Initiatives
  • Tourism Recovery Workshop

    • 26 – 30 Sept 2022
    • Pietermaritzburg, 267 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg
  • World Tourism Business

Recovery Initiatives

Herewith are some of the recovery initiatives which will impact the African economy and stimulate growth and sustainability as our major objectives:

  • Coaching & Skills

    Mentorship, Coaching & Skills Advancement Training Programs

  • Tourism Growth Trends

    Research on the Latest Tourism Growth Trends

  • Campaign

    Africa Global Marketing Campaign

  • Tourism Information & Skills

    Identified Tourism Information & Skills Development Hub

  • Trade Exchange

    Intra African Trade Exchange

  • Climate Change Activations

    Climate Change Activations

  • Reselient Zones Campaign

    Identify Reselient Zones Campaign In Rural Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence Intergration

    Application Of Artificial Intelligence Intergration Packages

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